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A Typical Day

Flamstead Preschool
Flamstead Preschool
Flamstead Preschool
9am - 9:20am

Register and settling

9am - 12pm
Morning session

Themed play, teacher led activity, garden play

From 10am  
'Rolling' snack time

Lunch club

Afternoon session 

Themed play, teacher led activity, garden play

Flamstead Preschool
Flamstead Preschool
Flamstead Preschool
Time spent with us here at Flamstead Preschool, is time that will be exciting and richly rewarding for all our children.
We have a mixture of free play and more structured activities throughout the sessions. We believe in giving children the freedom to explore what the enjoy doing in a safe environment, as well as offering them new experiences to explore.

The children love taking their Preschool sessions outside and carrying on the fun in the fresh air. They can play in our large sandpit, enjoy stories in our outside reading den, go mini beast hunting, set up house or ride around on some of the many cars and scooters.

Being outside has so many benefits for young children and at Flamstead Preschool we are lucky enough to have our very own allotment. We've all been busy digging and planting seeds and the place is looking great, full of vegetables, flowers and herbs. We've even managed to grow our own snacks for snack time – strawberries, lettuces, beans and carrots to name a few.

You can follow the allotment’s progress and more Preschool news on our Facebook page.

Show and Tell is another really popular part of our daily routine and it can be a great way to build a child's confidence. Children can bring in something that is special or important to them – it can be a favourite toy, a photo, an interesting leaf or conker they have found on their way to preschool... whatever they want to talk about with their friends. We also encourage families to help us bridge the link between Preschool and home with our 'wow moments' – do let us know of anything your child has been doing that they were really proud of, or have especially enjoyed. 
Lunch Club at Preschool runs every day and we are joined by some of the children from the nursery class at the village school, most of whom are ex-preschoolers of ours. This is a really great way to give the children a valuable opportunity to maintain friendships with children who’ve recently moved up to school, as well as continuing to develop social skills in a trusted and secure environment.

We email out regular newsletters letting you know what your little ones have been and will be getting up to; as well as what topics and themes we are including in our play here.

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