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What parents and others say...

"Both of my sons attended Flamstead Preschool from around 2 years of age. This was the first time they had been cared for by anyone other than myself or my husband."

"I was instantly reassured by the warmth and enthusiasm of the staff who clearly had extensive experience in caring for small children. Most, if not all, were mothers themselves, which for me, was important. They understood the needs of small children and their ongoing development, as well as attending to their emotional well being. 

Over and above everything, my sons enjoyed the time they spent at the Preschool. They particularly liked the varied toys available, the imaginative play areas, the quieter reading/story area and of course making, painting and drawing things to take home. 

The Preschool has close connections with Flamstead Village School, making the progression from Preschool to Nursery or Reception smooth and stress free, reducing anxiety for both parent and child.

My sons made many new friends through the Preschool, as did I, and I would strongly recommend the Preschool to anyone considering it as an option for their child”. 


Nicola Norton,

National Childbirth Trust Postnatal Practitioner

Flamstead Preschool
— Nicola Norton, National Childbirth Trust Postnatal Practitioner
"Our daughter loved her time at Flamstead Preschool."

"She would come home with a wide smile and arms full of paintings telling us stories about her morning. The staff were wonderful, making her feel settled, confident and happy in her new surroundings. 

We hadn't lived in the village long and the Preschool gave us all a real sense of belonging within the community. Mabel made friends there that will stay with her as she travels up through the village school. 

We can't wait for our other two children to experience the fun and adventures she did there."

Nicole, Flamstead
"Flamstead Village School and Flamstead Preschool have a long standing and very strong association."

"The majority of pupils who attend Flamstead Village School also attended the Preschool, because of this the school and Preschool have a well-established transition programme, where the teachers from Flamstead Village School visit the pupils at Preschool and begin to form relationships with the children before they move schools.

The Preschool and school work together to develop and improve their practise and to ensure there is consistency of approach from one setting to the next. 

In addition the Preschool and school consider themselves part of the same community and therefore attempt to participate together in community events. For example it is a tradition for the Preschool children to come to watch the school nativity play at Christmas."

Children Playing.jpg
Marianna Shackcloth 
Foundation Stage Co-ordinator and Teacher, Flamstead Village School
"Both of our sons have attended Flamstead Preschool and have both had enjoyable, happy experiences there."

"The key aspect for us was the social integration and preparation for the nursery class at the village school. Our eldest made the transition so easily, it was a joy to see. His confidence, concentration and social skills had all been developed at the Preschool in such a way that he was entirely prepared for the move.

Our youngest still is at the Preschool. He has made firm friends and finds it immense fun; he genuinely wakes up excited about the Pre-School day ahead."

— Jo, Flamstead
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